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Business Service

Danish authorities make extensive demands on commercial enterprises. Many companies prefer to rely on us rather than attempting to address the numerous resource-intensive ministrative tasks without assistance.
We are experienced and consequently highly efficient at completing a range of administrative tasks for our clients. Our services include:

  • Devising and continuously adapting charts of accounts
  • Managing accounting records
  • Bookkeeping (financial accounting)
  • VAT accounts (filing)
  • Reporting tasks (in compliance with many different models)
  • HR administration (rules, contracts etc.)
  • Payroll administration, including reporting and managing salary payments as well as ensuring punctual payment of withholding tax (A-skat), ATP etc.
  • Calculating, reporting and settling holiday pay to holiday accounts
  • Creating payments for approval
  • Managing debtors and creditors
  • Invoicing

Tasks that we conduct on an ongoing basis or at intervals are completed on site with clients, at our offices or in combination - whichever suits our clients best.

Ad hoc assistance

We also assist companies that find themselves in acute need of help. At short notice, we can rapidly establish measures to take on tasks to the required extent, including on site at the client's premises. For instance, if an accounting employee suddenly falls ill or resigns, or administration multiplies due to growth, acquisitions etc. we can provide immediate assistance at short notice.