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Most capital companies in Denmark (including public limited companies and private limited companies) are subject to mandatory audits. As state-authorised public accountants, we also offer this service.

We have clients of all sizes in all industries and are experienced at planning and auditing all kinds and sizes of private and public-sector enterprises.

Our teams of employees organise and perform the audit rapidly and efficiently at times of the year most convenient to the client. Our audit teams comprise employees with various levels of training and expertise. However, the state-authorised public accountant leading the team always has the full responsibility for planning, performing and concluding on the audit.

As audits are statutory, many companies view them as a 'necessary evil'. We take pride in conducting audits with the fewest possible resources required from our clients. We also agree in detail with clients in advance the amount of work the client wishes to invest in preparing the material for the audit. This minimises the total resource consumption.

We also take pride in finding as much information as possible and maintaining a constructive dialogue, suggesting improvements whenever possible. We proactively look for potential improvements that add value – either by increasing earnings or reducing costs.

When the audit is over, many of our clients see it not as a necessary evil but a constructive process.