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PKF Worldwide Internationally Mobile Employee Guide

A multinational enterprise operates today through many different countries and brings its products and services to market in a globally managed, cost effective and efficient manner. Notably, with supply chains flowing through so many different jurisdictions, it is not surprising that a major task of any multinational enterprise is meeting the ever-changing visa, payroll and personal tax compliance obligations of its numerous overseas employees, and dealing with the many challenges that arise throughout this process.

PKF is experienced in assisting internationally mobile employees and we understand the issues, complexities and goals surrounding international assignments at both the individual, and organisational, levels. Notably, we customise our services to meet a client’s objectives and concerns and deliver an efficient, comprehensive service.

With offices in over 350 locations, PKF member firms operate in more than 150 countries across 5 regions. We specialise in providing efficient and comprehensive internationally mobile employee support services to international and domestic organisations in all our markets.

Notably, our services include:

  • Local payroll services and reporting;
  • Employee personal tax compliance services;
  • Providing tax advice to new employees (individuals), including an arrival and exit interview;
  • Providing tax advice to international companies (the employer) including:
    • Head office foreign tax (permanent establishment) exposure;
    • Administration assistance and assisting with queries and issues;
    • Worldwide remuneration and benefits package structuring.

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